Lothar Hermann, the man who found Eichmann in Argentina.

1The story of injustice. Lothar Hermann, the third of eleven, was born in 1901 in Quirnbach, Germany in a Jewish family. In 1935, was arrested by the Gestapo for the crime of money exchange across the German border / French. Following the torture in the Dachau concentration camp lost the sight in one eye. Under the Nazi period only four of eleven children got saved: Hugo emigro to South America, Elsa Berthold France and Palestine, after a few years of work almost emigrated to USA. His parents and sister were killed in Auschwitz and Buchenwald. In 1938, Lothar and his wife arrived in Uruguay. Soon they decided to enter Argentina. They settled in 1940 Rosario, where Silvia was born the following year, his only daughter. In 1943 moved to Olivos, in the north of Buenos Aires, into a residential neighborhood bordering the presidential villa. Residing in the area and German immigrants but, then the war came several top Nazis who joined the German speaking community. Among them, Adolf Eichmann number with the fake number that Ricardo Klement USAB regularmente. Together with his wife and four children, Klaus, Horst, Dieter y Ricardo, the child born in Argentina. The neighbors knew him as Eichmann, well their children were enrolled in school with this name. In 1954, when Silvia was 12 he attended with some neighborhood friends to a cycle of German films. Returning, counted at home that he had met a guy named Klaus Eichmann. That name was not indifferent to Lothar and recalled that it was called a high Nazi official. It was not difficult to confirm that the father of Klaus genocidal in its role as senior officer of the SS was responsible for the transport of 400.000 Jews to the extermination camp of Auschwitz.

2Lothar reported to Jewish organizations in Buenos Aires, obviously had no satisfactory answers. Threatened decided to move in 1955 in Coronel Suarez, south of the province of Buenos Aires where he continued complaints, but nobody did anything. The 1957 notification of hallazgo to Dr. Fritz Bauer, Fiscal Gral. who in Frankfurt 1956 issued a detention order against Eichmann international. Lothar fails to understand why nobody seems to care about the whereabouts of those responsible for the systematic murder of Jews . On October 1959 the newspaper Tageblatt Argentinisches the announcement that the Documentation Center of Haifa reward who provide data on the whereabouts of Adolf Eichmann. Respond immediately and sends the required information, This time the director of the Documentation Center of Haifa, Sr. Tuviah Friedmann. He writes that his interest was not in the reward but to do justice by all his family died. After six years of unsuccessful attempts, all surprised that Eichmann is detained in Israel 1960. 3According to the official history, Eichmann had been discovered by the Israeli secret service, The Mossad. Lothar contradicts this version. He also mentioned several other things as crimes, corruption and scams and claimed to know the real story and the real perpetrators of the operation. Lothar received in response to instruction as a good Jew should shut up and "(literally) should feel satisfied that the above is in Israel for trial ". A few days after this "advice" five Israeli agents raided his home in Coronel Suarez accompanied by two agents of West Germany and the Sr. Gregory Schurmann, a senior CS and accused him of actually being Josef Mengele. In that capacity he was sent to prison for a fortnight, until proved who was actually, he was locked in a cell in Coronel Suarez, where he was mistreated. A few years earlier, in 1959, Silvia su hija, had emigrated to the United States. 4His wife stayed with him until his death in 1962. Vilified by several news media, was monitored and investigated by local police as if they were in a dangerous criminal.Recién 1972, Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel, approved the payment of the promised reward with which he implicitly acknowledged that the discovery of the whereabouts of Adolf Eichmann was due to information Lothar Hermann In 1974, two years later, His death occurred in Coronel Suarez where he is buried. Finally the 13 August 2012 Mr Lothar Hermann received the posthumous honor and recognition of Israel as the person who discovered, chased and determined the capture of one of the heads of the systematic killing of people in WWII. A month and a half later, the 28 September 2012, Ricardo Moccero, mayor of the city of Coronel Suárez led the delayed tribute to the city where he lived his last years. With the presence of Liliana Hermann, and grandniece of city residents, especially the Israeli Association of Coronel Suárez, delivery of a plaque claiming the injustice experienced by Lothar Hermann became. 5The grave in which lies, I had been unidentified, was repaired and now you can see his name inscribed on gravestone. Solidarity with the act, Bernhard Graf von Waldersee, the new German Ambassador to Argentina, highlighted in a letter the importance of this research to the world.

Acknowledgements The historical reconstruction is based on documents released in Argentina, E Alemania Israel. The recognition received is due to the work and commitment of: Liliana Hermann, grandniece, that led to the recognition of the fact by his uncle and claim his name and that of his family, accompanied by her husband, Ariel Mereles, that supported his research and efforts. 6The Hermann family can now lift the dark veil that clouded the last decades. Gabriele Weber, German journalist and historian who was able to declassify the documents judicially German Intelligence Service, BND. Leopoldo Schiffrin, federal judge unsealed records of the Buenos Aires Police Intelligence application in character Liliana Hermann direct family. And Hagai Tsoref, director of the Israel State Archives, that freed all correspondence between Lothar Hermann and authorities as well as exchanged among the various government bodies. These documents confirm everything here above. Fifty years after the abduction arrest, Eichmann trial and execution of,It is disclosed, finally, the true story of how he was found and the unjust treatment he received who found it.

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