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The history of responsible for transportation to the death camps during World War II by order of the Third Reich, SS Adolf Eichmann, was told repeatedly over many years.

Adolf EichmannOver the decades the dark mantle over the Nazi Adolf Eichmann was so heavy that many historians preferred to swim on the surface with a safe business.

The 23 May 1960 Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion told his ministers that the Obersturmbannfuhrer (Lieutenant colonel) Adolf Eichmann was arrested Israel and ready to be tried for crimes against the Jewish people (a true act of justice at a glance).

After a long search for the world, Israeli intelligence service, Argentina managed to locate it and remove, secretly, through planned and perfectly executed operation.

His trial was a historic line showing the world the serious crimes against humanity committed during the cruelest war, where almost 50.000.000 of innocents died.

This trial allowed the Jewish Holocaust survivors feel confident that justice was on his side and tell the world their macabre experiences hostage.

1961 Juicio a Adolf EichmannIt Hannah Arendt covered the trial for The New Yorker, so shocking experience who wrote one of the most read books (so loved and questioned) twentieth century: “Eichmann in Jerusalem”.

All official history always heroes who risked their lives. But all official story has another, under the carpet, the most closely guarded files can relate highlighting the lie, where the real heroes must give way to fabulador opportunism.

Tocando el bandoneónHistory Lothar Hermann was a separate chapter (ever truthfully revealed here).

This German Jew left in evidence lies and conspiracies that were silenced by those who constituted, thereby, accomplices of those who carried out the Final Solution: The systematic killing of Jews during the Third Reich.

The doors of revisionism should not be closed. Only the truth will allow us to move forward making free. Lothar Hermann, history.

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